11.3 Training (ESS)

11.3.1 Employee can request for Training Request
Functionality:  It allows employees to request a training course from the administrator. Accessibility: Self (ESS) role only Process: Path: Home>&g...
Tue, 19 Mar, 2024 at 3:43 PM
11.3.2 Training Search (ESS)
Functionality: Allows to search for available trainings  Accessibility: Self-login (ESS) role only Process: Path: Home>>Training>>Training...
Tue, 19 Mar, 2024 at 3:44 PM
11.3.3 Training Test (ESS)
Functionality:  Allow employees to attend the created question bank test  Accessibility: Self-login (ESS) role Process: Path: Home>>Training>...
Tue, 19 Mar, 2024 at 3:44 PM