Functionality: Allows admin to upload the leave opening balance in bulk.

Accessibility: Admin role only


Path - Leave Balances<<Home<<Data Upload<<Leave<<Leave Balances

Step 1

  • Click to Download the Template

Step 2

  • Option 1: Prepare data in excel template
  • Option 2: Enter directly data on screen

Step 3

  • Copy & paste details on screen 
  • Another option To Select Excel File 

Step 4

  • Click to import
  • When Uploaded Successfully click to see log 

Step 5

  • In cases error occurs Click reprocess 
  • Make correction on screen and click import 

The Balance can be viewed using

Leave Balances Statement>>Home>>Leave>>Reports>>Leave Balance Statement

Step 1:

  • Select Structure
  • Enter From Employee No & To Employee No to view for Employee wise
  • Keep blank for all Employee records
  • Selection to view Branch Wise

Step 2:

  • Opening-Carry forwarded balance and monthly credited balance
  • Accrued-Monthly Accrued balance
  • Taken- Leave availed by employee
  • Adjustment -Any adjustment in particular
  • Balance- Total pending balance