Functionality: Allows the creation of an event (for a party, an annual day, etc.), which gets updated in the dashboard calendar, broadcast, and employee pop-up for the same. 

Accessibility: Admin Role only


Path: Home>>HR Desk>>Events Calendar

Step 1: Event Master have to be created first. Click on create master

Click on the modify if you want to use the same evnt master or delete icon in case of deletion. 

For new event master click on Add 

Provide the event name and details

Click the active checkbox to add this event master to event calendar

Click to save

Step 2: Now you can add an event. When you click Add New Event, a new window will display. 

  • Provide the inputs

  • Select the checkbox to publish on dashboard, which will enable show popup on dashboard.
  • Click to show popup on dashboard  to enable popup message display once employee logins as self
  • Enter all required details under cost estimates if required
  • Click to +/- to add any additional item cost estimation and click to save

Employees can view the event details in the self role on the dashboard calendar, broadcast, and get the popup at the time of login to Emportant. Below is the screen for reference. 

Popup display

Broadcast display

Calendar display