Functionality: Admin can download the active employee list of particular month, FNF settled in that particular month and FNF process pending employee list in real time to get the total number of head counts available in the system. 

Accessibility: Admin role only


Step 1- Pull out active employees from the below path by using a date filter for a particular month. 

Path: Home>>HRIS>>Reports>>Active Employees

Enter the date range as required and click to show report

This report displays the number of total active employees in the system for the selected period, along with the employee joining date and other details.

Note: Download the report in excel format if required.

Step  2 -Take FNF process pending employee counts in real time. 

Path: Home>>Exit>>FnF Process

Select the pay structure and click on details

This report displays the total number of employees waiting for FNF process. 

Step 3- Take the settled employee count in the particular month from the below path. 

Path : Home >>Exit >>FnF Settled

Step 4- By adding active, FNF Settled and FNF pending employee numbers, you will get the total number of employees available in the system.