Functionality: It enables admin to set the statistics based on financial year months. It is the same in all cases but may vary sometimes if the payroll month is set from the 21st day until the 20th day.

Accessibility: Support role only

Note - It is not recommended to make any changes. If there is any concern, reach out to the support team for assistance.


Path: Home>>Configuration>>Payroll>>Slab-wise Rates

Step 1: Select the table name, RESTM

Step 2:

  • Low values display the month, e.g., 1=January, 2 = February, and 3 = March.
  • Values display the pending or remaining months of a payroll financial year, e.g. The value against January will be two, one against February, and zero against March.
  • Click to edit to make modification if required

Step 3:

  • Enter the Low value number, which define the months
  • Enter the value which defines the remaining payroll month
  • Click to save