Functionality: Allow to manage the cutoff start and end dates for holding separated employee data transferred from other application to Emportant. 

Accessibility: Admin role only

Process : To set the separation cutoff date

Path: Home>>Configuration>>System Security>>Account Options >> HRIS

Step 1- Enable to activate employee separation cutoff dates
Step 2- Set separation cutoff start day (dd format. default=00)
Step 3 - Set separation cutoff end day (dd format. default=00)
Mandatory note * - Please note that it's mandatory to close the current open period before the cutoff end date. Failure to do so will result in the data of separated employees being placed on hold.

Report – To access the data of employees on hold, use the following path:
 Path – Home >>  Data Upload >>  Exit >>   Hold Separation Report


  • Enter the date range as required 
  • Select employee number or leave bank for all and click to show report

This report displays the employee hold status details along with the date and the same can download in excel.

Instructions -

  1. Cut-off Date Entry Option: Emportant team will provide the option to input a cut-off start date and end date. These cut-off dates will hold the employee separation data from other application into Emportant which comes via integration.
  2. Cut-off Date Configuration: Client will enter the cut-off start date and the cut-off end date. Client has to ensure that the payroll period is closed before the cut-off end date.
  3. Payroll Processing: Following the cut-off start date, Client will initiate the payroll processing. Once completed, the respective payroll period will be closed before the cut off end date.
  4. Data Processing Post Cut-off End Date: After the cut-off end date, the held data will be processed into the system, considering the actual date of separation. Recoveries will be deducted from the Final and Full Settlement (FNF).