Guidelines for managing the salary and compliance aspects related to our third-party contract employees.

Salary Disbursement: Salaries for third-party contract employees will be disbursed by the contracting agency/vendor as per the agreed-upon terms and frequency.

Organization need work closely with the contracting agency/vendor to ensure timely and accurate salary payments to the contract employees.

Compliance Requirements: Legal Compliance: The contracting agency/vendor is responsible for ensuring compliance with all applicable labor laws, including minimum wage regulations, tax withholding, and benefits eligibility.

Documentation: Organization need maintain records of contracts and agreements with the contracting agency/vendor, ensuring that all necessary legal documentation is in place.

Monitoring: Organization need to monitor compliance (PF, ESIC, PT LWF)with contractual agreements, including adherence to legal requirements, such as providing appropriate benefits and ensuring safe working conditions. The organisation should keep the paid challans of contract employees for audit purposes.

Internal Oversight: Regular reviews and audits will be conducted to verify that the contracting agency/vendor is fulfilling its obligations regarding salary payments and compliance with legal requirements.

Any discrepancies or concerns regarding salary or compliance will be addressed promptly through established channels of communication with the contracting agency/vendor.

Employee Relations: We will maintain open lines of communication with third-party contract employees to address any concerns or queries they may have regarding their salary, benefits, or compliance-related matters.

These guidelines are essential to ensure that our third-party contract employees are treated fairly and that organization remains compliant with all relevant regulations.