Functionality: Allows the manager, employee, or head to request manpower in his or her department, which requires admin's approval. 

Accessibility: Self-login role only


Path: Home>>Recruitment>>Manage>>Manpower Requisition

Step 1: Click to apply

Step 2: Opening details

  • Select the position from the drop-down and position title
  • Enter number of vacancies
  • Select source of resource from the drop-down

Step 3: Additional details

  • Enter  position details qualification type, stream and other qualifications if required
  • Enter minimum & maximum experience and salary  with currency 
  • Enter desired skill if any are specified
  • Fill all other details as required

Step 4: Interview stage

  • Enter the interview type from the drop-down
  • Select interviewer's name 
  • Enter remark if any and click to save button
  • the manpower requisition will be saved, and request will go to the manager or admin