Functionality:  Allows admins to add and define third-party details entitled to recruitment.

Accessibility: Admin role only


Path: Home>>Recruitment>>Manage>>Add Third Party

Step 1: Click to Add new

Steps 2:

  • Select a category from the drop-down.
  • Enter the name and registration date of the third party.
  • Provide the start and end dates.
  • To cancel a third-party registration, click on the cancel registration check box.
  • To blacklist third-party registration, click on the blacklist check box.

  • Select profile and rate type from the drop-down
  • Enter min and max. rate
  • Select location and cost center from the drop-down

  • Enter third party contact person name, address & mobile number
  • Select the country state and city name
  • Enter bank account details and email ID

  • Click to save. A third-party reference number will be generated by the system.