Functionality: It allows admins to create a time sheet on the basis of weekly or daily time required, billable or non-billable, for a particular project, where you can create it on the name of the project. 

Accessibility: Admin role only


Path: Configuration>>Time Sheet>>Setup

Step 1: 

  • Click on add to create new Time Sheet


Step 2:

  • Enter the timesheet name.
  • Time Sheet Type: Select time sheet type daily or weekly.
  • Weekly Off: Select weekly off days (weekly off can be defined as per selection day). Week Start Date: When you want to start your weekly time sheet (select Week Start Date or Date),
  • Max Draft Allowed: Employees can keep pending Maximum four drafts
  • Enable entry for non-billable worked hours, and enable entry for start and end times.
  • Labels can be set for billable and non-billable hours.
  • Click to save

Step 3:

  • List of time sheet will display
  • Click to delete time sheet if not required

Note: Time sheet can only be deleted if it is not attached to employee.