Overview & Key Features

The Emportant HRMS Advance module is a key component of the Emportant HRMS suite, providing various features related to Advance management for employees. Here's an overview of its functionalities and key features:

  1. Define Advance Type: The system allows the support team to define different types of Advance on a request that can be offered to employees. This feature offers flexibility to cater to various Advance options that your organization may have.

  2. Advance Issuance: HR or authorized personnel can issue Advance to employees by entering the necessary information. This typically includes the  Advance amount, Advance type, repayment terms, and other relevant details.

  3. Advance Modification: The system provides the functionality to skip advance installment or add more installment as needed. This allows for flexibility in managing Advance repayment schedules based on employee needs or changing circumstances.

  4. Salary Deduction: The module facilitates automatic Advance amount deductions from an employee's salary. This ensures that Advance repayments are seamless and accurate.

  5. Payslip display: Current month's Advance installment details are automatically included in the employee's payslip. This ensures transparency and clarity in payroll information, making it easy for employees to track their Advance repayments.

  6. Reports : Detailed report can be fetched from the system.

Enabling or disabling the Advance module is a straightforward process. To enable or disable it for your company, you can send a support ticket to Emportant Support team at support@emportant.com

In summary, the Emportant HRMS Advance module streamlines the Advance management process within your organization, offering flexibility, automation, and integration with payroll to ensure efficient Advance  tracking and repayment for both employees and HR administrators.

Advance Issuance

  • Path – Home > Payroll > Salary Advance > Advance issuance

  • Select the advance type and mention the employee number  

  • Click on add to add the new advance .

Add Advance

  • Select the advance type from the dropdown.

  • Provide the inputs and select the start month from the dropdown.

  • Click on installment to add the installment as required.

Modify Advance

  • Select the assigned advance from the advance issuance screen.

  • Click on the add installment or delete option if an Installment has to be deleted. If you add or delete, the system will automatically change the amount.

  • Click on skip to skip the installment in a particular month.

  • By clicking on save the payroll will be processed automatically.

  • Status will show processed or pending.

Advance Report

  • Path: Home > Payroll > Salary Advance > Advance Report

  • Select the loan type from the dropdown, input the from date to date, and view the report.

  • You will get a report of all the selected advance types.

  • Click on the Excel icon to download the report.

  • Click on required record to view the report in detail.

Employee’s detailed report

  • Detailed report will show the loan progress