Functionality : Allow employee to apply for reimbursement.

Accessibility : Self Role

Process - 

1.1 Reimbursement request

Path - Reimbursements(Self Login)>>Home>>Payroll>>Reimbursements

Step 1:-

  • Select the Reimbursement type
  • Click to Add

Step 2:-

  • Fill all the required details (Bill No., Bill Date & Bill Amount)
  • Click on Attach Bill
  • Enter Claim Amount
  • Click to Save to submit the reimbursement request

1.2 Reimbursement Report in ESS

Path - Home>>Payroll>>Reimbursements

Step 1-

  • Select the reimbursement type from drop down, status from criteria and provide the date range for report.
  • Click on Show details

Step 2 -

  • The report will display. 
  • You can click on the record to see the details.