• Welcome and Introduction of Company
  • Overview of Emportant HRMS Dashboard 
  • Navigating the Dashboard
  • Accessing Important Information Quickly
  • Customizing Dashboard Widgets

Accessibility: Admin role only 

1.1.1 Display of Brand entity

  • Enable users to create personalized company URLs for their HRIS instance.
  • Provide a unique and customizable web address for each company's HRIS.

Process to update the Brand name:

Go to Configuration - Configuration>>System Security>>Account Options

  • After selecting "Account Options" by default It will show the Company Name / Address page.
  • Fill all required details i.e. Company name and Address
  • Click on Update

Process to update logo

Go to Configuration - Configuration>>System Security>>Account Options

  • Click on Upload Logos
  • Click on upload new file 
  • Select logo and upload

1.1.2 Search bar 

  • Incorporate a search bar option to facilitate easy navigation through the application using keywords.
  • Users can quickly find and access specific features or information by typing keywords in the search bar.
  • Click on Search and provide the required input.

1.1.3 Name & Access role

  • Profile Picture
  • Shortcut to edit My Profile / Switch Role/Change unit/Logout/Change Password