Admin Tenure (Notice period) Configuration

Step 1

Path : Configuration>>HRIS>>Tenure

Step 2

Click on Search already if added previously else you can click to add new.

Step 3

Select Type For Eg Department or any other category For Exit.

Step 4

Below select department and enter days one below other.

Define Exit Workflow Configuration



Step 1

Path : Exit>>Define Exit Workflow

Step 2

1) Click to Add Select desired Type/Category/Location 2)Select required approval & Enter id/Name 3) Define Is Mandatory Yes or No & Approval level 

Step 3

Click to Save details & You need follow same steps to add another workflow for  different department


Enter Notice date
Notice required days can auto calculated as per department 
Enter the comments
Last working days will automatically calculated.
You can click and view your exit status
Once you save it notify to approver workflow as configured

Exit Approval at Level - 1 

Exit workflow goes to defined manager for Clearance of the particular department
It goes for clearance to every department as per workflow mapped
Nominated manager/approver of the department needs to enter the remarks, select status and save

Approval - Exit Process

Approval-Exit Process>>Home>>Exit>>Approval-Exit Process
Click to view exit status
Select Payment Type & other details and approved.
Exit feedback form will activate

Exit Feedback form

Exit Feedback form – Home > Exit > Exit Feedback form
Employee will fill up and send it back to HR