Functionality: In current architecture of application if you do not subscribe attendance module then you can set weekoff based on pay structure.

All employees comes under the pay structure has same week off, If incase we have to set another week off we need to create another pay structure.

To overcome from this issue we have created below architecture:

In this architecture, it is possible to mark the weekoff to a single or group of employee as per the designation or company’s requirement without taking attendance module to follow below steps.

Accessibility: Admin role only


Path – Configuration > HRIS > Organization Master > Weekoff

(Already configured)




Step 1 – Set the flag to 1 and save 

 Path - Home >>Configuration>>System Security>>Account Options

Step 2

Path-  Home>>HRIS>> Employee Master>>Add/Edit Employee>>Details>>Organization Mapping

Add the weekoff or weekday


Bulk upload -  

Path- Home > Data Upload > HRIS > Employee Assignments

Download the template or follow the process shown in the below screenshot for weekoff and weekdays