Functionality: This functionality streamlines the process of transferring employees within multiple units under the same account, along with their personal information, leave records, attendance details, and payroll information. 

Accessibility: Admin Role only


Option 1: For single employee 

Path: Home>>HR Desk>>Transfer>>Employee Transfer

Step 1:

  • Enter Employee number and click to load page

Step 2:

  • Click on New and fill in all the details in the Transfer to section.
  • Enter Relieving date will be the end date of payroll period of current unit.
  • To Company (Select new Unit):
  • Enter Commencement date will be the start date of payroll period of new unit
  • Select Transfer Old Leave Data
  • Select Transfer Old Payroll Data

  • Fill all the Assignment details and click to save

Option 2: Bulk Upload

Path: Home>>Data Upload>>HR Desk>>Employee Transfer


  • Download the template and prepare the employee data in the same format.

  • Paste the data on the screen and click to import.

  • Click on Showlog to view the uploaded data.

  • Message will display of successful transfer.