Functionality -

  1. Employees eligibility:  Employee wise reimbursement amount eligibility can be defined by Admin. 

  2. Approval Workflow: The module allows for the creation of one approval workflows. Expense claims can be routed to Finance(individual) or HR (individual) for review and approval. Approvers can either accept, reject, or request further information.

  3. Receipt Verification: Receipt of the expenses can be downloaded, Finance or HR verification can cross-check with entered expense data, reducing the risk of fraudulent claims.

  4. Integration with Payroll: Approved expenses can be seamlessly integrated with the payroll system for payment processing.

  5. Real-time Tracking: Employees can monitor the status of their reimbursement requests in real time. This transparency enhances employee satisfaction..

  6. Reports: The module provides tools for generating reports on expense, approvals, and reimbursement timelines.

  7. Compliance Records: The system retains records of all expenses, approvals, and payments, helping organizations maintain compliance with tax and regulatory requirements.

Accessibility - Admin Role only

1.1 Define reimbursement eligibility by Admin -

Process :-

Path - Home>>Payroll>>Salary Inputs>>General -Salary Master Inputs

Path – Home >> Payroll >> Salary Master Input

  • Enter Emp number
  • Enter Amount
  • Click to Save

Note:- Reimbursement and eligibility heads can only be configured by the Emportant Support Team.

1.2 Reimbursement approval process-

Path - Reimbursements(Admin/Finance)>>Home>>Payroll>>Reimbursements

Step 1:

  • Select Pay structure

Step 2:

  • Select Reimbursement Type and date range
  • Click to Show Details

Step 3:

  • Report will display
  • Click to Pending

Step 4:

  • Verify the details and click to approve or reject.