Functionality: If there is an excess deduction or payment that needs to be adjusted for an employee, this screen is used to make adjustments to reach the desired amount.

Accessibility: Admin role only


Option 1: For single employee 

Path: Home>>Payroll>>Salary Inputs>>General Adjustment Entry

  • Enter the employee number.

  • Update the adjustment amount

  • Click to Save.

*Generate Payroll After Save: By choosing this option, employee salaries will be automatically processed.

Option 2: Bulk Upload 

Path: Home>>Data Upload>>Payroll>>Adjustment

  • Choose Upload Pre-Set: Adjustment

Step 1:

  • Download the Template and align the employees adjustment data in the prescribed format only 
  • Paste the data and click to Import

Step 2:

  • After upload, a message will be displayed "uploaded Successfully."

Note: If there is any error, check the data once and reupload