Functionality: Allows to update CTC details for single and bulk employee

Accessibility: Admin role only


Option 1: For single employee 

Path: Home>>Payroll>>Salary Inputs>>General - Salary Master Inut

Step 1:

  • Select Employee number and provide CTC inputs (Monthly/ yearly as per configuration)

Select PF option, as needed

  1. Normal PF: Deduct on full PF wages
  2. On Selection of  Opt-Out-No PF deduction
  3. PF on Minimum Wages: consider PF ceiling

Step 3:

  • Select compute calculated earning and click to save
  • Payroll will be generated
  • Click to show payslip to view payslip

Option 2: Bulk Upload

Path: Home>>Data Upload>>Payroll>>Payroll Data (Import) 

  • Choose Upload Pre-Set: Salary_Master 

Step 1:

  • Download the Template and align the employees CTC data in the prescribed format only 
  • Paste the data and click to Upload

Step 2:

  • After upload, a message will be displayed "uploaded Successfully."

Note: If there is any error, check the data once and re-upload