Functionality: Allows employees to request leave, cancel leave, check leave application status, leave card, team calendar, and approve the leave of repotees.

Accessibility: Self-login role only

Note - Available leave balance: leave balance, which displays on the screen it is after considering approved and approved pending leave. If you get the error of a lesser balance, please validate the approved, pending leave status.

1.1 Process for Leave Application

Path: Home>>Leave>>Leave Records>>Leave Application

Step 1:

  • Click to apply


Step 2:

  • Select Leave name an provide other details with comments
  • Click to Save
  • Leave application will go to the leave approver

6.3.2  Process to check all Pending/ Approved /Rejected leave status 

Path: Home>>Leave>>Leave Records>>Leave Approval


  • Select the date range and status from drop-down
  • Click to show details

6.3.3  Leave withdrawal Process

Path: Home>>Leave>>Leave Records>>Leave Withdrawal


  • Click to Cancel.

  • Update the comment and press ok to proceed
  • Request will go to the approver for approval

6.3.4 Process to view leave card

Path: Home>>Leave>>Leave Records>>Leave Card


  • Provide the date range
  • Click to Show Report