Functionality: It helps to create a visual representation of an organization’s hierarchy and better understand the structure, roles, and responsibilities of employees and departments.

Accessibility: Admin Role only


Process:  Process to add root position

Path: Home>>HR Desk>>Organization Chart>>Position Attribute


  • Click on Add New Position and Fill all the required details.
  • Select an available designation and use the arrow to move the designation to the right side.

Key Information:

Root Position: The first position added is now termed the "root position." Typically, this is where the top management or leadership role would be positioned in the hierarchy.

Hierarchy Building: For a structured and meaningful representation, we recommend adding the top management positions first. Once the root position is established, you can proceed to add their respective reportees, creating a clear hierarchy.

Efficiency and Clarity: This sequence ensures efficiency and clarity in portraying the reporting structure within your organization.

Note: A single position has to be created through the position attribute screen. Once the position is created, the mid-position cannot be deleted. First, you would need to delete the lowest-ranking employees who are reporting to that position.