• Your Brand visibility
  • Social Media presence-Facebook ,Linked-in ,Twitter.
  • Company name with unit /entity displayed
  • Search bar
  • Clock in/clock out
  • Name & Access role
  • Profile Pic-
  • Shortcut to edit My Profile / Switch Role/Change unit/Logout/Change Password

Queries that you may have ? Look at respective question-Ans section 

  1. How to add social media link
  2. How to add logo
  3. How to edit MY PROFILE 


Displays All Modules 

FIRST PANEL :Dashboard<<Home (Admin Role Only)

Pictorial  Chart displaying analytics of Department with Head Count details.

Question-Ans section 

  1. From where is the data fetched 

Tiles: Shortcuts to everyday routine - Admin Role

Question-Ans section 

  1. Upload Employee : Home<<HRIS<<Employee Master<<Add/Edit Employee
  2. Probations : Home<<HRIS<<Employee Master<<Probations
  3. Geo Location
  4. FNF Process
  5. Generate Letters
  6. Leave Entry
  7. HRIS Report
  8. Pay Report


Pictorial chart displaying Age Analysis of Employee (slab wise).  Admin Role


 Question-Ans section

  1. Can it show other than slab basis
  2. Can the slab be modified


Pictorial chart displaying analytics of Employee Experience in organization  Admin Role

 Question-Ans section

  1. Can the chart be customary

FIRST PANEL :Dashboard<<Home (Self Role Only)

Profile Pic with details -Name, Designation, Email id

 Question-Ans section

  1. Can photo be uploaded /modified from here 
  2. Does the image has any restrictions as to size/resolution
  3. Can web mail Id be edited from here directly
  4. Will designation/department pop up on own

Tiles: Shortcuts to everyday Routine (Self Role)

 Question-Ans section

  1. Leave Application
  2. Leave Card
  3. Payslip
  4. Reimbursement
  5. My Profile
  6. In-Out Details
  7. Attendance Regularize
  8. IT Computation

  Pictorial chart displaying analytics of  My Leave Profile for the Current month.



My Event Calendar (Left hand side)

Menu Bar

Holidays << List showing Holiday details for the current financial year

View<< 3 options from drop-down list 

Month View 

With color and icon distinctions

  • Birthday  
  • Work Anniversary 
  • Marriage Anniversary 
  • Holiday 
  • New Joiner 
  • Left Employee 
  • Event  

 Question-Ans section

  1. How can we set alerts 
  2. Can we send personalized greetings
  3. Is alerts/reminders configurable
  4. How to add work Anniversary?
  5. Will Work anniversary automatically show as per employee join date
  6. How to send birthday alerts?
  7. How to create event?
  8. How to Add new joiners? 
  9. How to add holiday list?
  10. How to mark left employees?
  11. How to add Marriage Anniversary?

Agenda View : Displays  agenda view of each week of a month 

Today View Displays  hourly  view of each day 


Send Notification 

Interaction between << All employee Drop-Down list & Select group Drop-Down List

 Question-Ans section 

  1. How to send notification?

SECOND PANEL (Top - Right) 

  • Notice Board - To publish Message across the organization.
  • Attendance - Yesterday and today attendance
  • New Release - All Recent updates from Emportant Team 


Question-Ans section 

  1. How to publish message in notice board? 

STEP 1: Click on icon << Only ADMIN ACCESS 


Add up screen showing all notices will be displayed

With no notices Thought for the Day quote (default message) will be displayed

STEP 2: Click Add New Post

STEP 3: Add New Message and other details in respective Input fields

STEP 4: Click  SAVE



Question-Ans section 

  1. How is Team Attendance Summary displayed?

Step 1: Click on Attendance Icon to see the tables below

 Step2: Clicking on Present/Absent to VIEW list 



Showing Summary on

  • People Directory
  • Notifications
  • Leave approval
  • Handbook

People Directory<< Shows up list with Options 

 Option 1: My Department << Click to view Details 

 Option 2: My Team/Direct Reportees

 Option 3: My Indirect Reportees

 Option 4: Search Employee<< Enter Details to view

Requests<< Displays all messages with requests made by employees across the organization

  • Leave Apply/Approval/Withdrawal Notification
  • Self Workflow Approval notification
  • Asset Request requisition notification

Manager/Admin Role->Will show up list if any of team leave requests made is pending for approval

Handbook<< Display policy and manuals of all rules n culture that follows in the organization.

  • Only Admin can add rules.
  • No edits can be made to rules once published
  • Self role can only view the recent most rules published.

Question-Ans section 

  1. How to add/remove policy and manuals?