How to Create Checklist?

Follow Below path

HR Desk>>Check List>>Create Check List

To add new checklist click on Add

  • Select Checklist For any module eg: HRIS
  • Enter check list name  select Cycle
  • Click on + icon to add checklist item details
  • Enter Item Description all other details 
  • You can on Email Settings to notify through email & Select Responsibility then click on save
  • You can add multiple Item description by above process.

How to Attach Checklist?

Follow Below path

HR Desk>>Check List>>Attach Checklist

Enter Employee id to attach checklist to employee 

  • Select checklist for then select checklist name
  • Check below all details task  if Is mandatory checkbox  is on for that employee 
  • Select the status  & On date, remarks
  • Completed check box you can check on once that document has been submitted.
  • Click on save

Checklist report

You can use all the filter to check report in details