Login with ADMIN access role & follow below process to configure PMS cycle 

1)PMS Periods :

To configure PMS initially you have add PMS Periods,

Please follow below steps

Go to: Configuration >> HRMS >> PMS Periods >> click on ADD button


Period Details:

  • Provide period description eg . Fin 2015-2016

  • Provide used for from the list.

  • Provide Start and End date from the calendar.

  • Provide Number of sub period eg . if it is quarterly basis the set as 4 and if it is half yearly basis set as 2  else yearly basis then set as 1.

Define Sub Periods:

  • Provide description as same as period description

  • Provide begin on and Ends on from the calendar.

  • Provide Goal Start Date and Goal End Date from the calendar.

  • Provide Review Start Date and Review End Date from the calendar.

  • Select Period Order from the drop down as same as Number of sub period.

2)PMS Set Up:

To add PMS Setup, Please follow below steps

Go to: Configuration >> HRMS >> PMS Setup >> click on Add


PMS Setup Details:

  • Select PMS Period from the drop down list as same as Period Description defined in PMS Period

  • Select KRA Rating from list as required eg . Grader, Rating etc

  • Select Maintain KRA For from list as required eg department, designation etc.

  • Select Skill Rating Master from the list eg . Grader, Rating etc

  • Provide Remarks as required

PMS Setup Validation:

  • Mark the checkbox Validate KRA Weightage if you want sum of all KRA Weightage should be 100.

  • If you mark below listed checkbox then system will allow to enter KRA, skill and competency multiple times

 - Allow Repetition in KRA

 - Allow Repetition in Skill

 - Allow Repetition in Competency

KRA Definitions:

  • Select KRA For from the list.

  • Provide KRA description

Click on “+” symbol to add more KRA and “x” symbol to delete KRA and then click on save.