Data Upload << Attendance Sheet Upload 

Step 1:

Click to Download Template

Step 2:

  • Option 1: Fill all the details in the excel in the prescribed format only 
  • Option 2: Enter Data on screen

 P- Present Day, A- Absent, SL - Sick Leave, PL- Paid Leave

To upload half day for any kind of leave, you need to mention as said below

  •  PL 0.5 - for half day Paid Leave(Please provide 1 space after PL that is PL 0.5)
  •  SL 0.5 - for half day Sick Leave (Please provide 1 space after SL that is SL 0.5)
  •  A 0.5 - for half day LWOP(unpaid paid leave)(Please provide 1 space after A that is A 0.5)
  • Employee has Weekly Off then upload blank  WO or Blank on that day

Step 3:

  • Copy & paste details on screen 
  • Another option To Select Excel File

Step 4:

  • Uploaded Successfully 
  • Click Show Log