Functionality: Allows to generate Form 16/Income tax of an employee

Only Traces generated form 16 is valid for the tax payers.

Accessibility: Admin role only


Path: Home>>Configuration>>HRIS>>Organization Master >>Tan Number

  • Click the default tan number, which needs to be modified.
  • Click to save

Note: The description and remark both have to be the same.

Log-in to the system using the admin role and follow the below-given path:

Path: Home>>Configuration>>Payroll>>IT Form Setup

  • Select the TAN number from the drop-down.
  • Select financial year for which you want to generate Form 16
  • Fill all the details under Form 16 signatory details and click the save button.

Note: Ensure to select the company Tan number correctly. 


Path - e-TDS

  • Challan Details
  • e-TDS Report

Path - Challan Details>>Home>>Payroll>>e-TDS>>Challan Details

Step 1:

  • Select TAN, financial year and quarter.

Step 2:

  • Acknowledgment Number
  • Add Challan
  • Enter all required details and click to save

Step 3:

  • Click : Employee Mapping Folder icon

Step 4:

  • Click Employee List
  • Select All employee
  • Click to Save

Path - e-TDS>>Home>>Payroll>>e-TDS>>e-TDS Report

Step 1:

  • Select Report Type & Financial year
  • Select Quarter & TAN
  • Click Generate

Step 2: 3 report type

Generate form 16

Payroll <<Statutory Reports<<Compliance's<<Select Income Tax Form 16

Select  Structure & Period 

Enter Employee & click Show on Screen

  • Click Generate Part B PDF
  • After Generating Download Part B PDF

Note: For all employee, keep From and To employee number blank


View form 16 (Self Role)

Payroll<<Salary Details<< View form 16

Follow the below path

Configuration<<System<<Account Options

Form 16 in ESS Change Value 

  • Do not Show -0
  • Show Unsigned: 2
  • Show Signed: -1