Option 1:<<HRIS<<Request<< Confirmation Process(SELF ROLE)

Step 1:

  • Click on “Start”
  • Enter all Details with attachment if needed
  • Click on “Save”,
  • Note: Request will be going to his reporting manager for review.

Step 2:HRIS<<Employee Master <<“Approval Confirmation (Manager role)

  • Click on Employee Name

  • Provide Details for Appraiser and Click on Approve / Reject.

Note: After approval the request goes to Admin.

Approve Confirmation<<Home<<HRIS<<Employee Master<<Approve Confirmation

Step 3: 

  • Select Status List
  • Click Generate to view list of pending approval

Step 4:

  • Enter Confirmation or Expected date & Remarks
  • Select desired action from the dropdown
  • Click Approve/reject

OPTION 2: HR/ADMIN can mark Probation to confirmation:

Follow link Probation Process


  • Notification can be generated to Admin / HR on employee “Confirmation Due” before the date of Employee confirmation.
  • Time Period for the auto mail: 7/15/30 days before. Mail can be notified to respective manager continuously before 7 days .