Process of crediting of Leave Balance :


If an account has been created in the middle of the year (e.g., June),

- If the leave year started before the installation or creation date of your instance, then the system will not automatically credit the leave balance to the employees as per the defined leave policy.


Employees already had a leave balance at the start of the leave year, even before HRMS was implemented. Some of these leaves would have been consumed during the year. Therefore, on the installation date, the unavailed leave balance should be credited.


How to credit opening Leave Balance in New HRMS SYSTEM:

You have to upload leave balance as on 1st Day of Current Open Month.


 1.Leave can be accrued at the beginning of the Year.

 2.Leave can be accrued Every Month at beginning of end of the month. 

Lets say your Account has been created in June Month.

If Rule 1 is set :20 Leave is entitled for Employee and Employee has already taken 6 leave up to May Month.


In this case you have to upload leave balance as on 1 st June i.e 14.So that Employee can avail 14 Leave Balance online from HRMS SYSTEM.


If Rule 2 is set : Say for example 1 leave is being credited every Month then up to May Month employee would have got 5 balance. Let's assume he/She has taken 3 Leave. Then you have  to give 2 Leave Balance as on 1 st June.


System will automatically accrue the remaining 1 day leave per month from May Month onwards.