This solution describes the detailed steps for deployment of modules that enable direct integration between your Attendance data on SQL Server, with Emportant HRMS.

Process for Bio-metric Integration:

1. Obtain Login credentials of Server & SQL

a. Attendance Server (Windows Server) and

b. Attendance database server (SQL Database server)


2. Study Attendance Server database and prepare scripts

a. Need RDC session to the machine running the database server / or the machine which has access to the database server

b. Prepare scripts based on database


3. Obtain admin privileges for the below

a. Copy Windows executable

b. Create one or two additional tables in Attendance Database Server

c. Copy stored procedures/Triggers

d. Make suitable configuration settings on the server and database


4. Test the automation functionality and perform rework if needed

5. Announce Completion

6. Provide troubleshooting and configuration documentation