The most common reason for number of Leave days not getting calculated or discrepancy in Attendance reports happens when Employee is doing clock-in and clock-out but does not have any Shift mapped for that day.

To attach a specific Shift (working day / weekly off day) for any Employee, Follow below steps:

Schedule/Modify Shifts>>Home>>Attendance>>Records>>Schedule/Modify Shifts

Step 1:

  • Click to see the attendance shift details 

Step 2:

  • Click particular shift to modify to relevant shift from the drop-down

Note:No edits on shift for past dates .View Fortnight data at a glance on screen

If there is no result shown then:

a) Check whether any roster is attached to the employee. In case Roster is not attached then goto this menu

Attach Roster>>Home>>Attendance>>In-Process>>Attach Roster

Step 1:

  • Enter -Employee no

Step 2:

  • Click to Delete any Previous Attached roster

Step 3:

  • Click to Add New Roster
  • Select Roster from the Drop Down
  • Enter Effective Date
  • Click on Save

b) Follow Below Link

How to Attached Roster in Bulk