Emportant allows attendance data from biometric machines to be uploaded using 4 methods:

1. File upload of csv of txt file

2. Data integration from SQL Server database using Emportant supplied Windows executable. This process is described below.

Emportant supports automated data upload of attendance data residing in SQL Server schemas. It is recommended to use push data capable attendance readers which can send data to the SQL Server database in realtime. For older readers, you can manually download the data to the SQL Server database at regular intervals. Emportant executable will pick up the data as soon as its made available in the SQL Server database.

The process for sending attendance data to Emportant in unattended mode is extremely simple and described at a high level as follows:


1) Request the uploader exe files from Emportant support team along with instructions on how to deploy them

2) You would need to deploy the executables, make changes to configuration files, and create some new tables in the SQL Server database.

3) The configuration files will need to be edited to provide :
  • The database connection string
  • IP address and target web service
  • User credentials supplied by Emportant
  • Time interval for polling the SQL Server database. Typically the new data from the biometric machines will be polled every 5 minutes by the Emportant executable module.

4) Inform Emportant team whether the customer has single unit or multi unit setup. In case of multi unit setup, the attendance data received has to be bifurcated to different units based on the Employee code. A special setup for this is required in Emportant company setup.

The above steps are will complete the deployment of executables within the client network. If any errors are encountered, check the log file as per the installation instructions and covey the details to Emportant support. If there are no errors, you should see the attendance data flowing into Emportant HR software within minutes.

Please note:

  1. Currently this has been successfully deployed with several customers using eSSL biometric readers. Support for SQL Server database format of other vendors is not confirmed.

  2. You can run this executable on a Windows server or Windows PC. The exe provided is a 32 bit exe.
  3. The computer where the executable is running, should have ability to connect to the SQL Server database
  4. This computer should have access over http and https protocol to the Emportant URL given
  5. If you are using a firewall, you should check the connectivity before deploying the Windows executables
  6. If you are running on a Windows PC, you should use Windows 7 or Windows 2008 and above only. Windows XP is not supported.
  7. This exe can be run with SQL Server 2008 and above only. Lower versions may work but are not officially supported.
  8. MS Access or any other database are not supported currently.
  9. You can use the same process for machines using smart card instead of biometric id