If you wish to send data to Emportant without involving manual data download and upload, you can integrate the Emportant provided dll with your attendance polling software. Ask your attendance system vendor to provide a custom module which will download data from the attendance reader and upload it into Emportant by integrating with our attendance dll.

Here are the steps to be followed:

1) Copy emportant_attendance.dll and LoginInfo.xml at the same location on the PC where the attendance software is running.
2) Import attendance namespace in your calling class file.
3) Call method to send your xml string by creating object of class imported from emportant_attendance.dll.
4) Here is some sample code in vb.net :

Dim result
Dim obj As clAttendance = new clAttendance()
result = obj.UploadAttendanceData(xmlAttendanceData)

5) In the above example, the xmlAttendanceData is a string data in xml format as follows:

<ROOT UID='27' PWD='f30aa7a662c728b7407c54ae6bfd27d1' ROLE='HR' COMPANY='XYZ'>

6) In the above example, UID, PWD and COMPANY are specific values which will be provided to you for the integration to run successfully.

7) Contents of the LoginInfo.xml file will be provided to you specific to your installation

Emportant_Attendance.dll and LoginInfo.xml files can be found in attachments with this solution.