Emportant works without any additional settings on IE 7 and IE 8. Emportant is not supported on versions older than IE 7.0.

For running Emportant site in latest versions of Internet Explorer viz 9(works properly without Compatibility mode also), 10 &11 you need to run it in Compatibility mode.


Follow the steps below to adding Emportant site in Compatibility mode in IE.

1. Open IE browser and enter Emportant URL as xyz.emportant.net (replace xyz with your actual login URL) some customers may need to enter xyz.emportant.net. Free version users should enter freedom.emportant.com.

2. After entering the URL go to Tools under menu and click on Compatibility View settings.

3. In that window click on Add button & click on Close.

4. You will be asked to reload the page. Just reload the page and enter the Emportant URL again in the browser.

5. Now the site will run properly in latest version of IE under compatibility mode.