My Event Calendar (Left hand side)

Menu Bar

Holidays << List showing Holiday details for the current financial year

View<< 3 options from drop-down list 

Month View 

With color and icon distinctions

  • Birthday  
  • Work Anniversary 
  • Marriage Anniversary 
  • Holiday 
  • New Joiner 
  • Left Employee 
  • Event  

 Question-Ans section

  1. Can we send personalized greetings-Yes
  2. Is alerts/reminders configurable -Yes
  3. How to add work Anniversary? -Work anniversary automatically show as per employee join date.
  4. How to send birthday alerts?
  5. How to create event?
  6. How to Add new joiners? 
  7. How to add holiday list?
  8. How to mark left employees?
  9. How to add Marriage Anniversary?

Agenda View : Displays  agenda view of each week of a month 

Today View Displays  hourly  view of each day