There are two ways to reset/change the password:(ADMIN/SELF)

Admin/Hr Role:

  • To change/reset password from Admin/Hr role, kindly follow below path:

Configuration>>System>>Security>>Change Employee Password

  Provide employee id (Select Employee No with name from drop down)

  Enter new password

  Repeat your above password under confirm new password.

  Mark this flag “On”  Email New Password to Employee to send mail  

  notification to employee with the new password.

  • Another Path to change/reset password from Admin/Hr role, kindly follow below :

Configuration>>System>>Security>> Manage Login Id >> Provide below given details

 Select employee id for whom you want to reset the password.

Click on “Key” button, below screen will appear

Kindly enter below given details:

Enter login id

Enter employee id

Enter a new password

Enter your new password again.

Mark this flag “On”  EMail New Password to Employee to send mail  

 notification to employee.

Self Role:

  • To change/reset password from self role, go to login page.

  Click on “Forgot password”, you will get below screen and then click on

 “Next” button.

Note: Your new password will be sent to your email id.With the new password you can reset password again .