Emportant provides the utmost level of security for your data with multiple sets of backups of all customer data. In addition to daily data backups, our online transaction processing database utilises the world's leading Oracle RDBMS which ensures the highest level of data availability and uptime.

For offline access, Emportant provides industry leading solution to let you download key HR data into Excel file formats. To download your data in Excel format, you need to request for access to the Data Export interfaces of Emportant. Once this is activated, you can download your data from the SYSADMIN login. Just go to the System menu and use the Data Export option to download the following data:

  1. Employee Master LOVs - Contains all the master list of values used across the Employee data
  2. Employee Assignments - List of all assignments against each employee, including historical data for Department, Designation, Location, etc.
  3. Employee Master Data - All the Employee basic information like Name, Address, Contact numbers, etc.
  4. Employee Statutory Nos - List of Employee PAN numbers, PF numbers, etc.
  5. Investment Details - Investment data which was considered for Payroll
  6. Leave Balance Report - Leave Balance data for all the different Leave types
  7. Leave Master - Master data for Leave setup
  8. Leave Reason Master - Master set of Leave reasons used in Leave applications
  9. Leave Taken Report - 
  10. Qualification Master
  11. Qualification Streams
  12. Qualification Type
  13. Salary CTC Details
  14. Salary Paid Details
  15. Salary YTD Report
  16. PMS KRA data
  17. PMS Competency data
  18. PMS Ratings details

You can select the required option for data download and "check" the Excel format option to get your data in XLS format.