With Emportant, you can consolidate multiple group companies into your login account as a single Group. Of course, you can always opt for completely independent Companies which are not linked in any way. Here are some of the options you have:

1. Group companies are configured to use the same company branded Login page. You get the following capabilities with a Group company setup:

  • Common login page and Group logo on the login page
  • Each company can have a separate home country. E.g., Sun Holdings Ltd operating in India and Sun Innoventures Sdn Bhd operating in Malaysia, both sharing a common Group portal.
  • Companies across different countries will have their own local currency and HR policy specific to that country
  • Individual company logo for each company within the group. Each company's logo individual logo is available on Dashboard and Payslips
  • Access rights for one or more companies can be given to the same user or separate users as required
  • Common set of attendance files can be processed for multi location setup
  • An employee of one company can have a direct reporting manager who is employed in another company
  • All workflows can operate across companies regardless of which company the applicant / initiator / approver belongs to
  • Separate set of policies for Payroll, Leave and Attendance
  • Common workflow across companies for Performance Management, Travel & Expense claims, etc.
  • Common Dashboard with Company Policy, Employee Handbook, Notice Board, etc.
  • Ability to restrict Dashboard search to show Employees within the current Company (for the current login), or for all companies in the Group.
  • Seamless transfer of employee from one group company to another group company with all relevant data copied to the new company
  • Separate Holiday calendar for each company

2. Each Group company operates independently. Use this setup if you want the following:

  • Separate login page and login URL for each company.
  • There is no common workflow.
  • For transferring employees, you have to separate them in one company and add as a new joiner in the other company.

Contact us at sales@emportant.com if you want to evaluate Emportant for your company. If you are an existing Emportant user, feel free to get more clarification from our customer success team. You can write to Customer Success at support@emportant.com.