It is very common for customers to start using Emportant from the mid-year. You can easily get started with the Leave module in the following way:

1. Set the Leave year in Account Options. Common Leave year examples are Jan-Dec and Apr-Mar. In this example we will assume it is Jan-Dec.

2. Lets assume you are implementing Emportant Leave from June

3. Prepare the leave balance as on 31st May. This should include leave opening balance at the beginning of the year, add leave accrued/earned during the year and minus leave taken during the year.

4. Do this exercise for all Leave types, e.g., Sick Leave, Earned Leave, etc. and prepare the data as follows;

- Emp No

- Leave Type (PL, CL, etc)

- Balance

- Effective date (1st June in this case)

(You can download the xls template for preparing this data, from the Leave Opening Balance menu)

How to upload Leave balance? 

5. Upload the leave balance thus prepared using Leave Opening Balance upload option. You have now created the available Leave which existing employees can avail.

6. Upload the Leave taken from 1st June till the current date

7. Set the Leave accrual rule so that all new employees will get leave accrual upon joining or each month as per rule defined by you.

8. Set the carry forward rules to automatically carry forward unused leave balance on 31st Dec to the next year. If you have a maximum ceiling on carry forward of Leave, you can specify it under Leave rules (Leave setup menu).