Emportant allows you to Add a company logo and Edit / Change the company name at any stage.

For best results, Emportant supports three types of company logos to be uploaded:

1. Login screen logo - this is usually a large sized logo that appears on the login page. This is the same logo that is displayed to all users across one or multiple companies.

2. Menu logo - a miniature version of your logo that appears on the menu of each employee after login

3. Payslip logo - a larger logo that is displayed in Payslip prints. You can upload a separate logo for each company within your group (in case you are using multi-company setup)

To change the logo and/or the Company name, login with SYSADMIN role into Emportant and go to the System-> Account Options menu. This screen has a separate tab for uploading all of these logos. Please note, if you are using a multi-company setup then the Login logo and Menu logo are common across all companies.

For the Payslip logo, you have to login to each company (or use Change Unit option from the My Account menu) and upload the Payslip logo for that company.