An Employee can view the leave balance & transaction details using the following two options:-

1)Leave Card<<Home>>Leave>>Report>>Leave Card

Steps to Follow

  • Enter-From Employee no and To Employee No to view single or range wise leave card
  • Default Employee no blank to view for all employees
  • Click Generate PDF- All employee PDF will be generated.
  • Click View PDF- Show all generated PDF

2)View Balance<<Home>>Leave>>Leave Records>>View Balance

Step 1: Summary

  • Leave Type
  • Opening-Carry forwarded balance or  At start of one time credit.
  • Accrued-Monthly Accrued balance
  • Taken- Leave availed by employee
  • Adjustment -Any adjustment in particular
  • Balance- Total pending balance
  • Encashment- If any encashment has been made

Step 2: Details

  • It display credited balance