In Emportant,Leave management is handled in an efficient and systematic process.

For the Cancellation or Withdrawal of a Leave,there are two ways:-

Option 1:

Step 1:

  • All Pending/ Approved /rejected status can be view

Step 2:

  • Withdraw leave application before approved
  • Click Pending leave Application 
  • Below Application will display & with Draw tab will enable
  • Click Withdraw-Leave deleted successfully

Note:- The leave balance will not get affected unless a leave it is Approved by Manager or entered by HR through system.
Option 2: Cancellation

Leave Withdrawal<<Home<<Leave<<Leave Records<<Leave Withdrawal

Step 1:

  • Leave will display in cancellation only if manager approved
  • Click Cancel

Step 2:

  • Enter Comments
  • Click Ok- Cancellation requested successfully

  • An intimation mail request will be sent to the respective manager regarding Leave Cancellation.
  • Manager needs to Approve the leave by logging into the system from Leave<<Leave Approval page using his/her Self role.
  • Only after approval of the leave,the Employee's corresponding leave balance is credited.