Salary statement in Emportant can be formatted in various ways as per each customer's requirement.

The various options that you can customize are:

Go to My Account->Switch Role->Select SYSADMIN role->Account Options-> Company/Group Tab and modify this setting:

-> Organisation Master types to be displayed for Payroll Reports

1 Change the grouping of summary data. The default setting is to group by Department. However, this can be changed by modifying the setting in Account Options.
The type selected should be a single character as defined in Organisation Master type (Configuration menu->Organisation Structure->Type field)
2 Add additional Organisation type (e.g., Grade, Division etc which are not displayed by default). Contact to add additional fields in your Salary Statement  / Paysheet report
Display employee attributes You can add any data from the Employee master into the Salary sheet, e.g., Date of Birth, Date of Joining, Email id, etc.
 4 Viewing of Separation cases (FnF, Process and Hold) You do not need to customize the Salary Statement to view these cases separately. Separation payments (FnF) and Process and Hold cases are shown in a different color to help you distinguish such employees easily.