The first step for generating Form 16 is to update the TAN number in the system.

Login as HR role and follow below steps

Go to: System -> Organization Master -> TAN Number

You will see an "UPDATE_TAN_NUMBER" sample tan number record.
Now click on pencil button and enter your company's TAN number under Description as well as Remarks(both should be same)
and after that click on Save button.

After this switch to Finance role and follow the below steps

Go to:Configuration -> Payroll -> IT Forms Setup

In this screen,just follow the below steps

1)Select Employer TAN no. from the drop-down.
2)Select Financial Year from the drop-down.
3)Fill all the details under Form 16 Signatory Details section and Save the details.

Note: You should provide company PAN number properly.
Revert or call in case of any further clarification on this section.

After the above steps, kindly refer to the attached ppt for further steps for providing Challan details.

(Digital Signature not in use)
To view Form 16 follow the below process:-

1)Once the files are generated as shown in PPT,then the files will be sent to client for digital signing.
2)After digital signing the files(Part A and B) are requested from client to upload in the system.
3)Once the files are uploaded in system,the Employees can view and download the Form 16 through their self role from below menu
Salary Details -> View Form 16