Providing access to a user / client to generate Salary Report / Paysheet / CTC details with restricting user from updating any Salary details can be done by ensuring the below steps:

1)Ensure that user have PAYMIS access role attached to his/her login,if not then go to Role Attachment screen under SYSADMIN role(can request to person having SYSADMIN access).

2)In this role there are following reports to View and Generate Payroll Data viz

A)FnF Settlement Statement - View FnF Payslip of any separated or resigned employee

B)Payroll Data Query - View and generate Salary report / Payroll report by selecting appropriate heads based upon the requirement.

Also, there is an option to segregate the data employee-wise and download in Excel format.

C)Payslip - View,Download and Send Payslips to Employees through email.

D)Monthly Pay View - View Month wise payout of any Employee during a particular Financial year.

E)IT Computation Sheet - View the Tax Calculation,Investment details,Exemption,etc of any Employee.

Note: A user can only View or Download the Salary Reports listed above but it is restricted to change any Payroll Data of any employee in system with PAYMIS role.