Compensatory off leave can be provided in two ways:

Option 1 (direct credit of Compoff) :

Upload leave type CO through Leave Balance upload option (available in System->Leave Balance Upload menu). You can specify the number of days the employee can avail and the last date (expiry date) by when it should be availed.

To enter through Screen one by one:

- Hr/Admin:

To credit Comp – Off balance, kindly follow below path:

Leave >> Credit >> Enter employee id and click on “Go” button then click on “Add” button, fill the necessary detail and click on “save” button.

Option 2 (Compoff credit on Manager's approval through online Workflow) :

Employee can notify his Manager about having worked on Holiday through Leave application module (SELF login) using Leave type as Holiday Work. After the Manager approves the Holiday Work, the employee is automatically credited Comp Off leave equivalent to the number of days holiday work performed. By default this can be taken within 90 days, however the default value can be changed from Account Options menu.

If you want to change 90 days default value, do the following:

- Login with SYSADMIN role

- Go to Configuration->Account Options menu

- Choose Company/Group tab, go to General Setting section

- Change the value against the parameter "Number of days within which Compensatory Holiday can be taken"