How to create multiple users or provide different roles to them, so that I can manage controls on admin access, HR access and payroll access?


You can assign different roles such as HR, Finance, etc to restrict them from other access.

Only an ADMIN user with SYSADMIN role has rights to assign role to other users.

To do that you need to follow the steps below:

1)Login in Emportant using SYSADMIN role

2)Go to Configuration->Security->Role Attachment

3) Select Role from the list(e.g Admin for adding basic Employee details, Finance for adding all Payroll related data)

4) Enter employee ID for which you want to assign the role

5) Click on Add button

6) On the Role Attachment screen, select General and click on > arrow to attach the structure.

7) After this select appropriate Payroll Entry screens and click on > arrow.

8) Select all from Organization Masters and click on arrow.

9) Enter Effective Date (date from which to assign the role)

10) Click on Save.


Note: In case you want to give a user HR access but restrict him/her to enter any Payroll data then don't select any head from Payroll Entry screens.