To enable any employee for web Attendance, follow below given path:

ADD New Attendance Group Master:

HRMS >> Configuration >> Attendance group Master >> Add New

Kindly provide below mention details

  • Provide Attendance Group name.

  • Select department from the drop down list for those it is applicable.

  • Mark Allow web Attendance flag “ON”.

  • Kindly select Shift Name from the list for those it is applicable.


Before making any new attendance group, kindly check in the attendance group master which is already created ,whether Allow web Attendance flag “ON”or not

and check Shift Name is selected  for those it is applicable.

If above configuration is set then kindly follow below path:

HRMS >> Attendance >> Employee Attendance group

Kindly provide below mention details

  • Select employee for those you want activate self attendance from Get List of Employee having this Attendance Group drop down list.

  • Select Attach New Attendance Group from the drop down.

  • Provide Attach from Date.