In Emportant,Leave management is handled in an efficient and systematic process.


For the Cancellation or Withdrawal of a Leave,there are two ways:-

1)If a leave is applied by Employee,but it is not Approved by the manager,then the Employee needs to do the following process:-

i)Go to the Leave --> Leave Application page using Self role.

ii)From the option "Show Applications which are" select the status as Pending.

iii)It will show the list of leave records pending for approval.

iv)Click on the record,at the bottom of the page there will be 3 buttons viz.Apply & Withdraw.

v)To withdraw or delete the Leave application click on Withdraw button.Your leave will be deleted from the system.

vi)You can apply for the same leave again in future or a different one too.

Note:- The leave balance will not get affected unless a leave it is Approved by Manager or entered by HR through system.

2)In case a Leave is approved by the Manager,then the Cancellation process of that leave involves the following process:-

i)An Employee can check the status of his/her leaves using the option "Show Applications which are" and select the appropriate status.

ii)If the applied leave is showing as Approved,then Go to Leave --> Leave Cancellation

iii)On this page the Employee can view the list of his/her Approved leaves along with the Cancel button.

iv)An Employee can request for the Cancellation of a particular leave by clicking on Cancel button.

v)An intimation mail request will be sent to the respective manager regarding Leave Cancellation.

vi)A Manager needs to Approve the leave by logging into the system from Leave --> Leave Approval page using his/her Self role.

vii)Only after approval of the leave,the Employee's corresponding leave balance is credited.